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About Us

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The Tenzor Group has been in the market of international road transportation for 27 years.

Transport company Tenzor has been working in the market of cargo transportation since 1998. The experience gained over the years allows us to provide high-quality services to our partners and we are proud of it. Our company focuses on international road transportation from EU countries (including Baltic states) to Russia, Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries. To fulfill orders we use our own vehicle fleet consisting of the best European cars. Tenzor employees handle about 370 loads per week.

Truck fleet

At the present moment the truck fleet performing international cargo transportation consists of more than 400 trucks (92 m3 trucks, 120 m3 trucks). Trucks of our company operate more than 1500 trips per month.


The team of the Tenzor Group is focused on quality and results as well as on the individual approach to each customer.

Customers and long-term partnerships

The Tenzor Group successfully cooperates with European and Russian forwarding companies as well as with large trading networks.


Project cargo
Transportation of expensive cargo
The Tenzor Group is a customs carrier. This status enables the company to transport cargo with customs charges exceeding 60 thousand euros without any customs escort through the territory of the Customs Union.
Regular transportation of general cargo
Customs clearance
We have our own excise and not excise warehouses of temporary storage in Smolensk

Why should you choose us?

Only company's own trucks Mercedes and Volvo not older than 5 years
Navigation satellite systems
Highly professional team of managers, disciplined drivers